The company

Internegocios S.A. is a company dedicated since 1994 to the development of biological products -Hemoderivados- of animal origin, serving the veterinary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, as well as research and development laboratories.

With highly trained professionals and technicians, Internegocios S.A. offers products, services and technical assistance to anticipate challenges and create customized solutions for customer problems.

Innovative and intelligent concepts, emanating from our experienced technical team allow us to constantly optimize our manufacturing processes, resulting in better quality products.

Many years of experience combined with the dynamism and flexibility of a modern company, makes Internegocios S.A. undisputed market leader.

S.A. Internegocios, the first step in your new project.

To provide quality serums and derivatives, accompanied by permanent assistance to the client, to all producers of drugs for veterinary and human medicine, as well as to research and development laboratories.

The company aspires to be world-class by guaranteeing the use of its products through the certification of its quality management system, to project internationally to South American countries at a first level and then to conquer new frontiers.

The organization relies on the values ​​of:

• Participation and leadership: involving staff in the processes of developing new products and providing autonomy in decisions that are within their reach. With enthusiasm new challenges are faced.

• Honesty: daily activities are carried out with a high level of service to customers and transparency in internal processes.

• Creativity and innovation: essential to see new ways of doing processes continuously better.

• Solidarity and staff development: helping the development of the people who work in the company.

• Safety in operations: taking care of hygiene and safety aspects in each task.

Quality politics
The entire organization is committed to constantly provide reliable products of the highest quality, accompanied by an excellent service. For this, the quality requirements are determined together with the customers and then translated into the requirements on the processes so that the final product meets these expectations. At the same time we continuously improve the efficiency of our quality management system.