Science project

OBJECTIVE: To facilitate and promote the development of scientific projects that use as raw material. Sera of animal origin and purified proteins, financially, logistically and scientifically supporting entities of Scientific Research.
User:  Scientific projects in development, excluding those that are in commercial stage.

Product: all manufactured by our company.

BENEFICIARIES: Scientific research entities such as Funcaciones, Universities, Hospitals and Official Institutions such as INTA, INTI, SENASA, etc. or others.


ECONOMIC: At the cost of all products manufactured by our company, a special discount will be applied to the current list price, and the payment will be at least 30 days from the delivery of the material.

LOGÍSTICO: Availability and immediate delivery before the user's need.

SCIENTIST: All documentation available on the product and the experience of the technicians of our company on the use of them.


In return, we will ask for a detailed and official report from the user about the use of our product, thus generating a database that will be available to other users at the same time.

This written report must be issued as soon as possible. The same should not have data on the product to be developed, it should only contain strict information on the use of the Serum or proteins, such as cell line, characteristics, multiplication, ringing, results, etc.